IVF Update #3.

well, we FINALLY got the call late this afternoon that we are good to go for our egg retrieval on thursday. which means a few things, the most important being i have to take the largest injection to date tonight, in my booty. ack, hit your knees now. thank you.

we started off this stims process (stimulation step) sooner than possible and with great excitement. but these past two weeks of multiple injections, ultrasounds and blood work a day have been rough. i felt attacked this week big, wills had 4 allergic reactions (FOUR), and choked once. the questioning of my parenting played over and over in my head and over the weekend, my body stalled progress, setting us back a few days and i hit a great wall of discouragement that we were supposed to have any more babes. it is so hard in this process to trust your body when it has a history of being untrustworthy. and the lack of control, although i should be used to it by now, is torture. so, needless to say when my sweet nurse amy today said she believed we would be triggering tonight (my big shot to get the eggs in their final stage) i about cried. i kid you not she walked in and said “without even looking at your chart i am going to say you are ready by just looking at your face.” bless her.

soooooo. we waited for the final “yes” call, ordered and packaged up thank you cookies for all the staff and nurses that have and will be taking care of me (they get treated pretty rough by all these hormonal ladies) and celebrated that we had made it to this point. i look about 12 weeks preggers with my grapefruit sized ovaries but we are so much closer to hopefully another bebe tuohy and i no longer want to punch a wall. ha. one day at a time friends, one day.

prayer requests:
1. for the big shot tonight. seriously. this will be the first time mike gives me one, its HUGE. and did i mention i struggle with control? so i am terrified.
2. for my other 3 injections and my bloodwork tomorrow to look good and patience for thursday to arrive.
3. for all aspects of thursdays procedure. we will go in at 7:15, procedure at 8:15. i am KNOCKED out and will be enjoying my zofran and morphine cocktail afterwards but would love to wake up quickly and feeling well to get back home to my other baby. THANK YOU to my sissy for flying in and leaving her family for this whole week to take care of mine.
3. for my body to recover well. i have been told the days after can be a little rough while my body adjusts back to normal size and hormones.
4. for a good number of eggs (right now i have 20 follicles), for the number God would have to fertilize and continue to grow.
5. for protection for our embryos and heart as i continue to process through it.
6. for wills, always.
7. for hubs and i to continue to be united, he has a hard week of work, OF COURSE. pray i can feel well and he can be where he needs to be and if not that we approach each decision as a team.

so basically, lots of prayers!! i will update a few days after with our next steps preparing for the transfer of the embryo back in roughly 8 weeks from now. we continue to lay each step at the lord’s feet and do our best to accept if we get to move to the next one or not with open hands as hard as that has been. thank you for praying and everyone who has checked in on us. it’s a continuous process of stop.go.wait. but we are hoping with expectation!

love EACH of you. and as promised, a sperm sock picture coming to an instagram feed near you thursday, you won’t want to miss it.

xo, e


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