IVF Update #2.

wowza. this week :: what a WHIP. so this will be short and sweet, because if i am honest sharing more of my heart this week feels a little scary. but, i felt y’all’s prayers and want to keep my commitment to be vulnerable and brave in this, when i would much rather choose not to.

but seriously, after a weekend that left me feeling pretty beat up from hurtful words and hard conversations we walked straight into some tough classes for our IVF journey and had to make a lot of in depth decisions. my heart was all over the place, my brain was fried from thinking, my voice was spent from trying to talk through things and honestly i have never more understood the phrase “i feel like i have been hit like a train.” shout out to my dear husband who did not even flinch when i started crying in the middle of one of our classes, in front of everyone. BLESS HIM.
we made it through, still holding hands and guess what…our prayers were answered above and beyond regarding the timing of everything falling into place and we now officially have our protocol and are IN CALENDAR!! which is a fancy IVF term basically meaning we are starting meds and being monitored with a goal at the end (in this case egg retrieval, next time embryo transfer). but y’all, what matters was getting to see God move clearly. and when i say move…  it felt like literal mountains (no appointment availability, labs needing a week that came back in 24 hours, etc.) were tangibly moved. it was so much sweetness after a week full of doubt, i just cannot even.
tonight we toasted with our first dose of antibiotics for both of us and in about 2ish weeks i will begin patches and shots and we are praying i won’t go crazy! ha! our tentative egg retrieval date is march 6th! whoop!! this is fast and we are thankful. there is usually another whole cycle in between but we prayed hard and are grateful for the YES, our amazing nurse Flo for being on her game, friends for loving on wills and mike’s boss for allowing him the flexibility to basically be living at CCRM, and  of course for my dear IVF buddies who have helped me understand the little so we could focus on the big! phew!

so there you have it.. we are a GO and through our absolute exhaustion from getting here we are overwhelmed with excitement to be officially moving forward!! baby tuohy, we are coming for you!!

prayer requests:
1. pray my body responds to the meds appropriately (not not enough and not too much) and our cycle would stay on track.
2. for my anxiety revolving around the shots. from having to mix the medicines to make the shots to actually giving the shots this has not been something i am super comfortable with.
3. for any nausea, most of you know i have a phobia around this and i will take all the prayers i can that this can be controlled from tonight (this antibiotic is not my friend) on through even pregnancy!!!!!
4. for mike and i to stay connected, a team, extend grace and communicate well. but don’t worry, his boss offered him his guest room if i completely lose it. HA!
5. for wills, i can’t help but wonder if a little of his attitude lately is wrapped around this. he sees and feels and hears more than we realize. praying all sorts of protection around him, join me please!

we appreciate you. all of you. thanks for being faithful to stand in the gap.

xo, e


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