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hyssop. what an interesting and nonsensical name for a blog. i know. but hear me out…

i bought this website over a year ago. the idea :: simply a place to encourage women that their identity is redefined in Christ. to remind them that they have been made new in Him. that they are His. the very meaning behind the word hyssop; to purify, to be cleansed, to repel evil, to be marked distinctly. (read this again: marked distinctly.)

within that year plus, this blog sat empty basically. life circumstances preventing me from moving forward. and in that time, multiple things happened. my desire for this space to be a place to put my thoughts down grew. but. it also felt it needed to be a place where my heart of hearts was on display. my love for celebrating life. and not just celebrating the good life, but the hard in life too.

i have devoured other women’s words the last two years. in different seasons of general life, motherhood, marriage, being a woman, a follower of christ. the opportunity to read other women’s thoughts on their lives and the world in general and seeing those that were down similar paths allowed me to be grately moved by what i was being taught and feel less alone in my own story. the power of community; it is big and it matters. this continued to reconfirm my desire to do the same.

i also, at some point, hit a little identity crisis like most of us do at some point in our transition to motherhood. i missed feeling excited about the talents i had been wired me with so long ago. my days now mostly full of helping my sweet boy merely survive his life and hopefully enjoy it. my husband encouraged me to explore pursing that piece of “me” again now that our little is three and able to you know, talk and walk and feed himself (can we even just stop there and celebrate that victory!). soooooooo, it seemed natural to expand and include the party planning, event styling, life loving aspect of my heart here too.

some may find it odd to have such a mish mosh of things in the same place, but hey, i spent a long time trying to be cool and i am so okay with being odd now. if all those sweet bachelorette girls can do it and call it a “lifestyle blog,” so can i. (p.s. LOVE those girls, life for reals. lauren, becca, let’s be besties.)

SO. friends. here it is. here we go. hyssop.me. styled by me. a place to get excited about life’s events, see how to celebrate them well and hear a little about my life, what i am learning and all the roles i play within it. i hope you enjoy reading it as much as i enjoy writing it!





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  1. Perfect imperfection Erin. What a wonderful gift to us all to not just feel spoken to, but feel as though we are walking alongside you. I hope this space allows your heart to feel full, as it will indeed fill others. Thank you for your transparency. I’m looking forward to continuing this journey with you.

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