hi! i am erin. i am 29 and live in the beautiful state of colorado! the majority of my friends are california babes and a large portion of my heart can always be found in dallas . i always love to see the faces behind the blogs that i read. somehow i think it enables the words to come more to life. my husband will tell you i talk about the blogs and instagram accounts i follow like their authors and i are friends!

so… i am a wife. i am a momma. most importantly, i am a lover of jesus and his people. i am an encourager, a dreamer and a celebrator. i start my day with coffee and regularly end it on popcorn. i am a full blown emoticon overuser. fun fact: puffer vests have my heart.  i have a childlike obsession of bows and the color pink, followed closely by anything gold. i would glitter everything in sight if possible. so it seems incredibly fitting i have a little boy. i sign my letters -xo-. i firmly believe that champagne is the perfect party drink. words are my love language and, throwing parties brings my soul to life. straight up celebrating the little and big moments in our stories is my jam.

i also i have this big passion for community. so i am praying the same over this blog. that you would feel we are friends. that my words are sown with truth and love and be relevant to this crazy life we run. that you would feel no matter your season, there is a village of women around you, myself included, ready to rally you through to the finish line. and when you do so, that you would have gathered fun ideas to throw the party of a lifetime to celebrate it ;)

basically, it comes down to this. i am a hot mess who just wants to share my love for celebration, events + this crazy, unpredictable, hard but oh so fabulous life. being known + knowing others more, and together learning how to love, enjoy and be fully present for this thing called life while always dreaming in confetti. because, it is in fact, always, a great day to be alive.